Healthcare Reform: Have It Their Way!

No more hiatuses! I promise! I know it's awkward to update on a Wednesday, but it was either do or die, and I rather do thank you very much! This here is a late one but a good topic since the elections are upon us. First note, ahem, I voted for Obama. Second, I don't like the new reform bill, too much. Third, I like bacon. Last, if bacon were running I'd vote for it, governor, or congress, even President, but it is not. So I probably will skip them. Maybe I'll go vote, honestly it doesn't matter much. Why you ask? I live in Mississippi, and this state hasn't been Democratic, in like, EVER! So's I don't like to be a quitter, or accused of not being a patriot, but I just don't want to be bothered with going to the polls and adding to the popular vote and crossing my fingers and hoping that my choice wins. Meh! I'll prolly go any way! What the hell, democracy right!

Nuff o dat shitz!

I tried Onlive, and even with the sprite-ly programs protest that one, I had no compatible controller, and two, I had an inferior computer ( which would be the main reason of trying it, durh!) Onlive ran like a dream! Well, a day dream, mostly. Video and sound quality was not as good as the 'ol PS3, but it makes the idea of getting a laptop and gaming on the go a little better! I'll try not to get a few rounds of Borderlands down while at work, but the temptation is hard to resist! Not a lot of games there but it is worth the look. Not a replacement for console or pure PC gaming, yet, but it is worth the lick to make sure it tastes good before you swallow! Just don't gulp it!


~mike out~

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