Those 24 Inch Pythons!

I wander if those pythons really got to be 24 inches. I guess thats pretty huge for muscles, but I tend to use that old brain muscle more than these "pythons". This comic was based on the discussions I have had about who the greatest wrestler of all time is. It usually ends up with me declaring that hogan, although very important in the history of wrestling, was not the greatest of all time. Who do I think was the greatest? I'll leave that for another comic. But, I do have to give the man his props. He has been through alot, but still keeps coming, and those "hulkamaniacs" still come for more. It's almost sickening in a good way. What ever that is.

Tried that there Pacman C. E. and let me tell ya, that shit is gangsta! Not Fiddy cent gangsta, Suge Night, hang doods of the edge of balconies gangsta. Get shot in the head and survive gangsta. Slappin' yo momma in da mouth gangsta, but that one I would not recommend if you are close to your mother! In-laws are fine though. It's like good old Pacman, on steroids. Or, weed. I wish you could toss a joint at those ghosts, though! That'll slow em; down!


he's an american maaaaaaaaaannnnn!

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