High Score! Wallpaper

Presenting the first ever High Score! wallpaper! it is available in to sizes, 800 and 1024. I hope you guys like it and download it and put it on your pc and game console bg's and enjoy the glory that is High Score! a new comic will be posted tomorrow, so look out for that!

I finally received Tekken 6 in the mail from Newegg.com, and I gotta tell ya, ordering games online sucks, sometimes. It's nice to know that there is an alternative when your game fails to be in stock at your local Gamestop or where ever you get games. However, shipping charges you out the whazzoo and you have to pray that you don't have that "bad-shipping-experience" that a lot of people have. Thank god that wasn't the case, but any way.

Tekken 6 has a nice little scenario mode. This is the first time that Namco has made Tekken with a beat-em-up that you can actually enjoy, and enjoy I have! And enjoy I will some more! Maybe they let the Bandai guys that made the Dynasty Warriors handle it. I can believe that because DW isn't a bad game, per se, it's just that they make the same game over and over again. I almost got rid of it though, because I buy a Tekken game for the story mode(I know, I'm insane) but, I do enjoy the Tekken story line. I looked it up on the net and found out that I had to play the scenario mode to unlock the arena mode and continue playing the scenario mode to unlock the characters to play in arena mode. This is either the biggest screw job for gamers or the most ingenious way to get gamers to play a mode that is usually a throw away mode like it is the main mode of the game. To retrain the gamer brain, if you will, to think of this new iteration of  Tekken Force Mode as the de-facto mode of the home version of the game. As it goes, I think that Namco with the addition of Bandai or geniuses, even though they can not function apart, they have created a team of unique proportions! So pick it up if you care for fighting games, and meet me online! My PSN ID is Mikeeasy84!


~mike out~

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