A Little Off the Top

I guess this goes without saying, but these times are hard for every body. And yes even a haircut can be a hard thing to acquire. The comic, however exaggerates the whole haircut system. I wish that I could just grow my hair and keep it like that but I don't look quite that attractive with a fro', so cuts ahoy!

Speaking of cuts, I wish some one would cut some of these developers and publishers out of the video game picture. I read an article that displayed a few of gamings notorious uh, "douchebags" i believe it was. I don't fully agree with all the choices as the intended label has a definition that beckons pitchfork carrying and burning at the stake, or maybe not, but the last has a few that should just STFU. Especially that last one! Oh boy that last one! Oh yeah guys, you forgot one!


set it on cook, and its off the hook!~ slogan for a cooker on Mr.T's infomercial

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