The Proposal

And this is the next comic I did in honor of my girl friend. Of course, I have already mentioned she's a gamer in my first post, so this comic should not surprise anyone. Man, if any one else has a gamer girl friend and are in deep love leave a comment! I'd like to here how you other guys like this most awesome experience! Got some bad stories of games + girls then let me here those as well.

Its all good!

The Zombie Horde

I have played Left 4 Dead 2 and I must say I am impressed! No, in fact I have bent to the ever present will of the awesomeness of L4D2! To say that it takes the zombie motif that was popularized by the likes of Resident Evil and changed it into the real survival horror that the "zombie game" is suppose to be would be an understatement! I love this effing game! No matter how much I die, I keep coming back for more! Next, I am going to try and play the game online and try my best not the piss anyone off for shooting them a million times in the back!



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