I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie!

This is the first comic post ever of High Score, well, not entirely. I've tried to post it on everything except for a url I would have to pay for, but Blogger seems to be working just fine. And to whom ever becomes a rabid fan of High Score, thank you! I got a long road ahead of me before H.S. becomes something that even you granny loves and adores. So, here we go!

In other news that is old now, I am a gamer, but I think I may have met my ultimate superior. I call my superior, "girlfriend", all though I think it should change to overlord queen. What would you do if you where trying to find a home for your web comic when you get a phone call from an excited young lady exclaiming that she wants Left For Dead 2 for her Xbox 360. I of course could have fallen out of my seat, if it were not asleep from sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours. So, suffice it to say I caved and its coming by mail from Gamestop. I would suggest to those two of you that have not acquired this multi-player marvel to get it from said store before they change their mind about selling it for $20 less than the regular arm, leg, and two gonad price that games are going for these days.


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