Patience Is A Virture!

I'm sure that every one has been through a situation such as this. You're in the bathroom and some jerk yanks on the door knob a million times and yells to the highest of the mountains to see if there is any one in the bathroom. In which case you either yell at the top of their lungs "I'm in here damn-it", then they run of very apologetic, or you do what I do and say absolutely nuthin'. In which case, hilariously, they seek out another idiot and ask them if there is some one in the bathroom! My God, people are very simple creatures! Of course I work in the hospital, so people get a little jumpy around dying or "dead looking" people, but they should still know better. One day, I should go in there and, gasp, never come out, well at least until my shift is over. That be some thing to do, but I respect my co-worker to much for that tom-foolery. Heh heh!


i've fallen and i can't get up ~ that old ladie from that commercial, you know the one

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