Wut!!! No COMIC!

Yeah just a little bit of text, here and there. Going through a bit of change, you know like the "Obama" kind. I want to be as different as possible and try to find that thing called originality that makes weblogs unique from each other, ergo I don't be wantin' my shit to look like any body elses. I fell inspired by Jerry and Mike from Penny Arcade, but I don't want to go down as the guy that was "that guy who tried to copy the greatest web comic in the universe". The nerd-savvy will have my hide, and I wouldn't blame them! So it is best for me to do something. Here's a little bit of a sample:

As you can see I am trying to go for a bit of an urban look. I have been pursuing a style like this for a while, playing around with it, and now I am trying to enforce it. Also, for who ever it concerns, the site itself will go through some changes as well, just in case any one checks this thing out before the changes go into effect.

Thanx everyone!


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