The Ill Effects of Gaming

Yeah! Back, biz-nitches! This comic is actually about old news, but it's still kinda funny. A 24 year old girl lands on her Wii-mote in an awkward position and becomes a nympho!:D I've been trying to get my girl to play Wii, but now I think she is better off sticking to the ol' Xbox. She already pretty much lands akwardly on on the good o stick but I digress, this young lady is probably suffering from some nerve damage around that area. You know that area! It is now causes her to get aroused ever time she even grazes that thang! Some one needs some medical reinforcement!...Or Ron Jeremy! You know, which ever one comes first!;P Hah, GOD I kill me!

I'm trying that PS Plus stuff and I must say that if I were anywhere near one of those Sony exects, even that fake one, I probably cap 'em wit a .357 Magnum! Bullshit! Gimme more if you want my dough! I don't need a tease from a game that everyone shoulda played by now, and I damn sure as hell don't need free games that I never would have played in the first place!!!

...Wipeout's okay, though. I guess!


~mike out~

COME ON SON!- Ed Lover

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