The Molyneax Situation pt.1: Promises, Promises!

This is a true story. Okay, at least a true conversation. I have had the great pleasure of playing both of the Fables released so far, so I am very grateful for everything that the developers at Lionhead Games put into the games. However, Petey don't know when to keep that big mouth of his shut! I knew I got excited about games, but I never knew of a developer who was making a good game then the head cheese started talking about everything that they were putting in the game, and when you finally got the damn thing, well, I'll sum it up like this, Hey! Petey! Wheres my fuckin' acorn tree, and that other stuff!!!" This is the first in a series and the conclusion is dead on. At least, I think it is. Ahem, moving along.

My girlfriend has been playing Fable II, wait scratch that, PLAYED Fable II to completion. She's not at 100% but I am hoping, in this tireless crusade of hers to engulf herself in every aspect of my being, that she learns to appreciate the RPG and not shun it before she gives herself an opportunity to discover greatness in games. RPG's are the cream of the crop, like shooters an' such, but AI am an RPG fanatic! Matter of fact, I am an experience points, dungeon crawling, free roaming, make a new invention, doey-eyed japanese girls and boys... I could go on! I mean is it possible for someone to be attractive, then become even more attractive whilst holding a controller and doing an all night Fable fest!

Did I mention she does the Fallout 3 as well!
My girlfriend, not the Nude Rock Band MOM!...But that would be hot as well!

~mike out~

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