The Molyneax Situation pt.2: Misses and Hits

Uh, Oh! It looks like the boys are up to somethin' this time! And look! Petey slipped on a chicken! Now thats what I call poetic justice, and not the Janet y Tupac kind.

I've come to a conclusion about games that prompts me to try and find a new way for me to figure out what games to delve deeply in. I realize that I have to play games in order to do a web comic primarily about games, but the ones I really want, those are the ones I'm talkin' about! I have come to the realization that I have become bored with some of my games, that are pretty well rated, and try to complete them just so I can get my money's worth from them. Fallout, yes that Fallout, is no exception. I have systematically avoided Final Fantasy 13 in hopes that Versus 13 will be better. Sixty bucks is a lot, and these days you have to budget, and if along down the road, I start playing a game and falling asleep on it, much to the dismay of my girlfriend, It's time to get some shit thats exciting. I like the newer shooters incorporating RPG elements, but I want them to make sure that they remember that its a game and that getting that new piece of armor should be fun, not a chore, and that leveling up should make me feel like a giddy girly boy wearing panties on my head inside-out, whilst licking upon a lolly-pop of an ephemeral origin, until my balls collapse in the splendid orgy of game awesomeness! Not that any of that stuff physically happens, but, I'm just saying, that's how I would imagine it feels like in my head as the fuzziness enters my sack!...I'm just saying!

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~mike out~
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