The Molyneax Situation pt. 3: A Drive for Change

Well if you think that Obama is behind this comic. I have no hidden political agenda. What I have, however, is a comic for you to enjoy! This is like the climax part of a good book or movie when everything is calm and the characters are chillin' out and then all hell breaks loose! There are a few movies coming out and have already been released that have this same literary technique and they are both revolting and fantastic! More revolting though.

This is FANTASTIC!...

 Well I'm just guessing. At least the idea of it is fantastic. Some guy likes a girl, girl joins band, but finds another girl, and commences to put the smack down on all her exes?! Brilliant, not because it hasn't been done before, not because its a fellow deviant Art-er, but because it just...IS! There is also a game, and I will be getting the game, and I suggest you get! I give the game a 10+11=AWESOMENESS, even though I haven't played it yet! It's just that damn good...looking!;D


~mike out~

check out the scott pilgrim site here>the legend of zelda's main character

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