The Molyneax Situation pt.4: Bull-Shit Sucker 2000 TM

You see there! I put a butt cushion on the Bull-Shit sucker nozzle! Heh, heh! You know, so's Petey can be comfortable while our boys suck the cow-dung right out of him! Don't get me wrong, I love ol' Moly, but this is necessary to the cause. It must be done! That almost sounded like the beginning of an Obama speech!

Lets turn a corner then.

I tried the Kane and Lynch 2 demo, and I gotta tell you, I liked it, to a certain extent. I don't know about you guy's but I got that habit of playing demos of games and then actually getting them and then, crap! It's like a movie trailer. They rope ya in wit a little bit, then capture you and drag you to shore! I've been very wary of really purchasing in games, but waiting until the game is reduced to just about 30 or 20 bucks may be the best course of action. Thats what I've been doing anyway. Poor men have to do these kind of things to make it by, and I loves me money!


~mike out~

will draw for food

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