Fatal Decisions

I've never really been a big Mortal Kombat fan, but I always thought that the fatalities were pretty creative. From the first time I discovered Subsie's first decapitation, I had been a fan of the fatal mutilations, until MK II. Progressively, as the fatalities became more diverse and unique, and the codes to pull them off became more "code-y" I figured out quickly that MK was not my game. I still respect the designs for Sub-Zero and Scorpion, but everything else has pretty much become a convoluted mess. Meh. Maybe old Ed Boon and crew can get that ship rolling again, though I doubt that I'll be along for the ride. Eh, will see when its released.

Shank though... thats another story! Stay tuned!

~mike out~

finish him! check out the new one if you're in to it! here is the (legend of zelda's main character)

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