Hey, what can I say?! Sex sells! And if you are reading this comic then you are victim to such things, as we all are. If it is not some twisted fetish that drive us then its that morbid fascination we have with cute, round objects. Babies, butts, and boobies! Oh My! Yeah, lame I know. Its those idiosyncrasies that reminds us that we are all similar if not the same. Oh well, boobies are still great! Need to draw some more! Titties, not the bird!

Speaking of boobies, while I have your attention. Is it just me or does the video game version of Ramona from Scott Pilgrim the Game fame kinda... dress like a total tart! Tart, thats used a lot in England. Equivalent of slut in the U. S. of fuckin' A.!

Yeah, but seriously! Ubisoft! What the Focker!

Well I guess she does look a little free spirited! Thats a nice term for, well you know. Trying to be a gentleman here! Can't blame Ubisoft for that! Looking at you Mr. Bryan Lee O'Maley!

(had to do it Stan)

~mike out~

if you have not, then please have! check out scott pilgrim's game @ (legend of zelda's main character)

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