Total Non-Stop Arthritis, The Geriatric Zone

Another wrestling comic? You jest?! Well. no I don't! This is as real as it gets. I like wrestling, although that like is starting to diminish. Yet, I know that all can agree that the "old guys" are pretty much ruining "sports entertainment" in a way that is typical in the good 'ol business. I know what they are trying to do, but (and I am probably repeating myself) if it ain't broke. don't fix it! TNA was fine. WWE had record losses and TNA's ratings were climbing through the... okay well they were doing well, but now there are things that are happening in TNA that raise the "People's Eyebrow". A J Stylez is a prime example! He was on a rocketing roll being the it guy of TNA and even coming out of the shadow of outsider Kurt Angle, then all of a sudden, they heel him?! For What! Now he's taking the back-burner to even more outside talent like Deangelo Dinero (my favorite) and Ken Anderson and Hardy, who both haven't been there long enough to warrant any title matches. I'ts like a runway show where the clothing designers decide not to actually design any thing, but instead plaster their names all over t-shirts! Fan farming with name brands alone!

It don't work in the WWE and it ain't gonna work in TNA! Period!


~mike out~

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