No Longer a Man's World!

I really need to stop acting surprised that me girlfriend is a gamer. I don't think it is fair that some of us still have a linear thought pattern when it comes to game in the social hemisphere. Girls play games, and I'm not talking about moms in the buff hammering away playing Rock Band, or ridiculously cute japanese girls playing Final Fantasy while in full cosplay garb! I'm talking the girl next door, the high schooll sweet hart, "me old-lady"! I feel that game developers need to make games a little more girl friendly at least on a character design perspective. More Jade from Beyond Good and Evil! More Princess Peach, and less porn stars. Hell, Eidos has even toned down Lara Croft's sexuality for a more head-strong spelunking, heroin that even little girls can look up to. Valkeria Chronicles is a good example as well. It's full of good examples of girls, who are not scantily clad, that are designed as strong, brave ladies. Remember, though, I said positive female lead characters, not ugly! Evan the ladies agree that ugly girls are not good for the video game business!

Vanquish! Oh my, Capcom, what have you done?! You have outcasted some of the best talent you have ever came across, and have let them run free to not suffer from the pressure and conformity that plagues many in-house developers! Just like Tomonobu Itagaki-san's Valhalla Knights, and their awesome new game Devil's Third, Shinji Mikami-san, Atsushi Inaba-san, and Hideki Kamiya-san are crafting an action game that is going to BLOW PEOPLES MINDS...and possibly a couple of asses! If you have not tried the demo yet, then please do it for me! No, do it for mommy! She wants you to do this. This is what she always wanted for her child. To play one of the most awesome demoes in existance! Mother loves you! Is that so wrong?


Devils Third!(Can't wait to find out what that name means!)
~mike out~

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