Cesar Millan Will Kick Your Dog's Ass!

This is no joke! The first time I saw Cesar poke the shit out of some one's dog I was like, whoa! This guy is basically getting full on permission to go around and poke dogs in the ribs! He gets paid to do this! I know he says that it doesn't hurt the dogs but the look on the dog's face as he uses this technique is price less! Of course there is more to his dog training practices than poking the eva-loving fuck out of dogs, but it is pretty interesting, none the less. I'd wish he'd come poke son of these dogs around my neighborhood. Hell' I'd like to see him poke a cat! Now, that would be hilarious! I poked a cat, and let's just say that good kitty wasn't the words I had in mind during the end result of that experiment!

Has it really been that long? Fifteen years of Playstation dominance? Wow! I could have been rich now if it weren't for this things existence. I can't wait to see what Sony has planned for it's anniversary. "Hey look every one! Buy some stuff to celebrate Playstation's anniversary! Give us money, and we'll give ya a bunch of crap you may or may not want!" Some times I think I spend to much money on games. Ah well, how much was that Playstation Move Bundle


~mike out~

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