Ico and Skin Cream

I'm back yall! Yeah I had to take a sabbatical from High Score! I should have posted an announcement, but I'm too lazy for that! Heh, heh, actually, I took a well needed break because I was getting a little burnt out, so's I took a week off to reflect, and to make sure that I wanted to continue doing this comic. I also started thinking of few other ideas, and i did some sketches to get ready for a comic I hope to post soon. What other comic you ask? Well, we are just going to have to wait and see! I will tell you this, its is a ways away, and it is vastly different from High Score!, so I'm think of getting some more space and changing the site structure entirely. But, like I said, that is a ways away! I'll post the pics I have been working on in a seperate page so you can get a whiff of what I'm talkin' 'bout! Yah smell me?!

I hope not!

Any who's, le' me explain the "Turtle" and the "Noxzema on the booty" thing. "Turtle is Le'Shelle's nick-name from Dave because she likes to be called Shell. No, it's not because of the hat! The hat came after the name. The green hat is a result of me being taught by way too many Alpha Kappa Alpha ladies. The noxzema thing, well, I got that for Paul Mooney's stand up. I can't find a clip, pus I don't want to offend the two visitors I keep here, so google that shit and laugh your ass off!


~mike out~

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